Can a programming paradigm be influenced by political philosophy?

I was going through this blog (rant about the things the author did not like in OOPS). It was an interesting post and i liked it very much. In the comment section there was usual debate over what is better than the rest then i came across a comment which gave a completely new direction to the discussion. Gentleman named Tim Lee came up with something like this:

Nygaard(Co-Inventor of OOP) drew his inspiration from Marxist ideology and regarded OOP as a means of advancing socialism through the medium of computer programming. The theoretical underpinning of OOP is the philosophical foundation of Marxism, so if you want to understand what OOP is, study dialectical materialism.

Fascinating stuff. Even if this does not have any credibility, I will give him the credit to compare two seemingly unrelated things. How a political philosophy can be a source of inspiration to a whole new and the most influential programming paradigm so far, is really something that can give you a little to ponder about. Why did he do that? What was his intention behind it? Was he a promoter of Marxism? and many more .. if you really care. If it is true I would like to see him as an artist who had a hidden message in his poem/painting/story and all we need is Robert Langdon to decipher it for us šŸ™‚

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